Hotel Management Software

Highly Flexible

With its flexible interface, the software is ideal for bed & breakfasts, guest houses and hotels. With a flexible visual interface, it is easy to check reservations and manage guests, create and customize rooms, create and track expenses, create on-the-fly invoices and much more.

Friendly Support

Our friendly support crew is always availible to help you install, set up and customize the software to your needs. Helpful information can also be found in our FAQ

Financial Reporting

The software allows you to create detailed graphical occupancy and financial reports. These reports allow you to monitor the occupancy and turnover of your establishment; providing you with a monthly overview as well as a detailed daily view.

Network Support

Built in support for Local Area Networks. Easily configure the computers in your network to access the data from the host computer. This allows you to manage your establishment from any computer in your network.

On-The-Fly Invoices

The document engine allows you to create on-the-fly invoices as well as well confirmation e-mails. PDF invoices are created automatically when a user is checked out and you have the option to create a confirmation PDF document when a new booking is made.

Once Off Cost (Commercial Version)

The License Fee for the PhoenixRS software package is a once off cost. The license never expires and there are no monthly or recurring license fees. The license fee is also independent on the number of rooms in your establishment.

Happy Customers
Years of Research
PhoenixRS is awesome. Straight forward and user friendly
- Travis Hao
I was able to setup all with ease using the Setup wizard. Many thanks and more power to the team behind this software!
- Joemar Revelo
I've been using your software and I do love it!
- Andy

A flexible solution in one user-friendly package!

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